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Novo Nordisk supports sharing of the scientific research on our molecules. The search results below include peer-reviewed articles that are authored by Novo Nordisk employees or are funded by Novo Nordisk, as well as congress abstracts, posters and presentations, and also related educational resources.


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Khan A, Wilkinson B, Shishko K, Hansen M, Doyle MJ, Triscott M, Ezban M. Measuring FIX-Activity of nonacog beta pegol (N9-GP) in a one-stage ellagic acid based clot assay on the ACL TOP 50 Series Instrument: A Two-site study. International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis - 64th Annual SSC Meeting. 2018;2(Suppl 1):74. PB158.
Chowdary P, Carcao M, Clausen WHO, Holme P, Moss J, Tosetto A, Wheeler A, Santagostino E. Correlation between the half-life of glycoPEGylated recombinant FVIII (N8-GP) and von Willebrand factor - results from phase 3 clinical trials. International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis - 64th Annual SSC Meeting. 2018;1(Suppl 1):84. PB175.
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Rode F, Almholt K, Petersen M, Kreilgaard M, Kjalke M, Karpf D, Groth AV, Johansen P, Frost Larsen L, Loftager M, Haaning J. Preclinical pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of subcutaneously administered glycoPEGylated recombinant factor VIII (N8-GP) and development of a human pharmacokinetic prediction model. J Thromb Haemost. 2018;116(6):1141-1152.

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