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Novo Nordisk supports sharing of the scientific research on our molecules. The search results below include peer-reviewed articles that are authored by Novo Nordisk employees or are funded by Novo Nordisk, as well as congress abstracts, posters and presentations, and also related educational resources.


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Primary manuscript
Kempton CL, Recht M, Neff A, Wang M, Buckner TW, Soni A, Quon D, Witkop M, Boggio L, Gut RZ, Cooper DL. Impact of pain and functional impairment in US adults with haemophilia: Patient-reported outcomes and musculoskeletal evaluation in the pain, functional impairment and quality of life (P-FiQ) study. Haemophilia. 2018;24(2):261-270.
Primary manuscript
Tiede A, Abdul-Karim F, Carcao M, Persson P, Clausen W, Kearney S, Matsushita T, Negrier C, Oldenburg J, Santagostino E, Young G. Pharmacokinetics of a novel extended half-life glycoPEGylated factor IX, nonacog beta pegol (N9-GP) in previously treated patients with haemophilia B: results from two phase 3 clinical trials. Haemophilia. 2017;23(4): 547-555
Primary manuscript
Chowdary P, Lethagen S, Friedrich U, Brand B, Hay C, Abdul Karim A, Klamroth R, Knoebl P, Laffan M, Mahlangu J, Miesbach W, Dalsgaard Nielsen J, Martın-Salces M, Angchaisuksiri P. Safety and pharmacokinetics of anti-TFPI antibody (concizumab) in healthy volunteers and patients with hemophilia: a randomized first human dose trial. J Thromb Haemost 2015; 13: 743–54

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